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Umbi Hippos

Waku kungo - In the middle of the River Keve, in a region known as Umbi, we went to meet the famo... More

Calulo Fortress

The Calulo Fortress was built by the Portuguese colonial authorities in the late 19th century, as... More

Sassa Caves

The Sassa Caves are located approximately 3 km east of the city of Sumbe, in the Province of Cuan... More

Cambongo Dam

Located in the central coastal zone of Angola, designated by the second name in its coastal part,... More

Kawambundo Waterfall

Located near the village of Bala Sanga in Redondo, Comuna da Sanga, Cela Municipality, Kwanza Sul... More

Porto Amboim

Porto Amboim, The old Benguela At the site of the current city there was a village called Kissond... More

Binga Waterfalls

One of the main tourist spots in the province of Kwanza Sul Binga Waterfalls, located in the muni... More

Bird Watching in Angola

Angola has excellent conditions for bird watching in its natural environment. Angola is one of th... More

Water Stone

Industrial and Tourism Center is Stagnant Wealth The tourist and industrial center of Pedra de Ág... More

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