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Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies

Do you have a Travel Agency, a Tour Operator, a reservations department or an online site?

The Partner Program is based on a system where www.hoteisangola.com provides an interconnection so that you can put on your site the hotel units of a province or all the units of Angola.

After registering, you will be contacted by our technical department to evaluate the best possible integration.

The solution being programmed will have several possibilities: various layouts, white-label solutions and adaptations to the corresponding design of the partner's website.

In this sense there are different advertising media (Banners, logos, etc.) to choose from, that allow a fast and uncomplicated connection.

Complete the form below and you will be contacted shortly.

Representa uma Agencia de Viagens ou um Operador Turistico?

O Programa de Parceiros Profissionais baseia-se num sistema onde o hoteisangola.com faculta uma interligação com as unidades hoteleiras com condições especiais.

Entre as condições especiais destacamos:

- Preços especiais exclusivos

- Elaboração de pacotes com base nas necessidades 

- Linha de apoio especializada das 8 as 20 horas 

- etc..

Complete o formulário abaixo e será contactado brevemente.

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