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The Muxima Fortress

The Muxima Fortress ( More

Bar of Kwanza

Barra do Kwanza is an Angolan urban district and commune located in the province of Luanda, belon... More

Mussulo Island Chapel

A chapel built by Portuguese settlers on the island of Mussulo, in Luanda, is now classified as H... More

Fortress of São Miguel

The “Fortaleza de São Miguel” is located on Morro da Fortaleza (formerly Monte de São Paulo), clo... More

Viewpoint of the Moon

Miradouro da Lua is a set of cliffs 40 km south of Luanda, in the municipality of Samba, in Angola. More

Currency Museum

The Currency Museum presents the history of money from Zimbo to Kwanza. More

Armed Forces Museum

Implanted in 1975, after the independence of Angola, the Armed Forces Museum is installed in the ... More

National Slavery Museum

The National Slavery Museum is located in Morro da Cruz, in the city of Luanda, in Angola. Dedica... More

National Museum of Anthropology

In addition to its permanent nucleus, the museum also hosts several temporary exhibitions More

National Museum of Military History

Formerly known as the Central Museum of the Armed Forces, it was installed in 1978, in a precario... More

National Museum of Natural History of Angola

The National Museum of Natural History of Angola is located in Largo do Kinaxixe, in the city of ... More

Our Lady of Conceição da Muxima

Our Lady of Conceição da Muxima, also known as Our Lady of Muxima or Mamã Muxima, is a Marian dev... More

Iron Palace

The Iron Palace is a historic building in Luanda, Angola, believed to be by Gustave Eiffel More

Quissama National Park

Quissama National Park is located 75 kilometers from Luanda, between the Atlantic Ocean, the Cuan... More

Bridge Over the Kwanza River

The bridge over the Kwanza River, 148 meters long and four meters wide. More