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National Museum of Military History

National Museum of Military History

The Military History Museum reopened to the public in April 2013 and is installed in the old São Miguel de Luanda Fortress.
Formerly known as the Central Museum of the Armed Forces, it was installed in 1978, in a precarious situation with its degraded museological elements. Currently it is in good condition, with the recovered collection.

Today, at the Museum, military means are on display, including vehicles belonging to the three Angolan political parties (MPLA, FLNA AND UNITA) used in the conflict.
The Fortaleza de S. Miguel currently serves as a cultural monument in Angola, located in the district of Ingombota, municipality of Luanda. Officials say that the collection deserves praise from those who visit the Museum, especially foreigners interested in the history of Angola, and mention that the nationals are exalting their heroes.
Founded in 1575, when Paulo Dias de Novais landed in Luanda, as governor, the Fortaleza de S. Miguel was also subject to restoration work.
On November 10, 1975, Portuguese military personnel from the three branches of the armed forces, performed military honors in the last wave of the Portuguese flag in the so-called overseas province of Angola.