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Monument to Silva Porto

António Francisco Ferreira da Silva Porto - was a Portuguese trader and explorer who became famous in the interior of Africa.

The Luando Natural Reserve is rich in diverse fauna and flora.

Morro do Chimbango, also known as the highest point in Bié, is 1,929.74 meters high.

Municipality of Camacupa - Confluent of the Kwanza River

Municipality of Camacupa - Geodesic Center

Located in Comuna Sede, the Kuquema River is the first major tributary, on the left bank, of the Cuanza River.

Chitokota Hot Springs

The thermal waters of Chitocota, located in the town of Chilesso, municipality of Andulo, province of Bié, have been an alternative for the treatment of diseases that affect the skin, especially scabies.

It is one of the large tributaries of the Cuanza River, on the left bank, its sources are in the Central Plateau, where it rains abundantly, around 1400 mm annually.

Municipality of Cuito - Evangelical Mission of Camundongo

The place that became known as the “Sítio do Soba Vié”, founder of Bié.

The Mutumbo Falls, in Chitembo, as well as the Lau-Lau Falls and the Luando River Falls, in Kukema, are suitable for good bathing.

The Wongo Falls are located 18km north of Kuito, on the Nduluma River, in the municipality of Truba.

Cuemba Falls

Located in the town of the same name, Cuemba falls are one of the places not to be missed.

Cemetery Monument to the victims of the Kuito War

Victims of the Kuito war rest in the Monumento Cemetery


Cuíto, also written as Kuito, is a city and municipality in Angola, capital of the province of Bié.