Praia da Macaca

Praia da Macaca
A few kilometers from Baía Farta, on a curve in the road that skirts the semi-desert of south-central Angola, Macaca is a beach of palm and coconut trees, studded with salt pans. Natural heritage that reminds us of the days when Benguela was an area fishing seriously.

The monkeys that abound in this area, small and cunning, gave the name to the beach that is known in the region for its salt flats - the first to appear in the region, still in the “times of the other lady”.

In total, are three hectares of land made up of small squares, where they pile up white crystals, sea water in a dry cleaning.

They are one of the potential forts in the province. In recent years, several times, and projections - those eternal goals - point to a capacity to total of valiant thousands of tons of salt per month.

Alongside Macaca, neighboring salt mines of Chamume await the same fate.

At Praia da Macaca, the ruins of those times remain. At the the sand rests what is left of the buildings of canning factories and houses colonial fishermen, who made this place an important network of support infrastructures for the fishing industry.

Fisheries aside, nowadays the Macaca is total relaxation. Unlike other beaches in the region, especially on Sundays, filled with people and music (and yet they maintain that Benguela magic that we all know), Macaca is tranquility.

The open sea on a sandy beach in gentle curve digs a small bay in these arid rocks that end abruptly at sea. In the distance, you can see the so-called Ponta dos Coqueiros, a place center of the village of Baía Farta.

The shadow here is guaranteed by the dozens and dozens of coconut trees and palms well aligned that, when they grow, will give another air - greener and fresher - Macaca.

This promise, which today is just measured trees, has already caused many to rename the beach. From Macaca to Palm trees.

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