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Escolha a província onde pretende alugar a sua viatura

Church of Our Lady of Pópulo

Founded in the mid-17th century Possibly the first stone and lime construction in the city, it is... More

Ship Zaire

Historical-cultural monument in Restinga do Lobito Ship Zaire or Ship Library Zaire is a vessel c... More

Praia da Caotinha

Praia da Caotinha is one of the most beautiful in Benguela, a province recognized for its rich co... More

Cuio's Bay

South of Benguela is this idyllic place, it is rarely visited by visitors, not even by the inhabi... More

Regional park of Chimalavera

With an altitude ranging from 50 to 265 meters, Chimalavera comprises an elevated plain surrounde... More

Dungo Archaeological Station

Dungo Archaeological Station Dungo is a dry river (oued) that receives a series of tributaries, ... More

Dombe Grande

Dombe Grande is a land of powerful sorcerers, you can hear it there. Is it a spell? Is it a myth?... More

Buffalo Partial Reserve

Buffalo Partial Reserve It was established as a Partial Reserve in 1974. Located about 30 km from... More

Egypt Beach

Egypt Beach at Lobito-Benguela Egipto Praia, where the Balombo River empties, is a place of mysti... More

Blue Bay

Baia Azul Blue Bay is a beach in the south of the province of Benguela, in Angola. It is located ... More

Catumbela's River

O rio Catumbela é um rio de Angola. Nasce na serra de Cassoco e desagua no Oceano Atlântico, a su... More

Church of Our Lady of Arrábida

Designed by architect Vasco Regaleira With a revivalist, neo-traditional character, the Church of... More

Largo da Peça

This is the oldest square in Benguela. It was an important center of commercial activity, concent... More

Lobito Ethnography Museum

The Lobito Ethnographic Museum, located in the municipality of the same name, Benguela province, ... More

Cine Flamingo

A room for 1200 spectators Located in the southwest area of ​​the city of Lobito with its back to... More

S. Pedro Fort

The São Pedro de Catumbela Redoubt, also known as Catumbela Fort, is located in Vila da Catumbela... More

S. Sebastião Fortress

Secular monument of military architecture located in Egipto Praia. Benguela, in Angola. Secular m... More

Benguela Railway (or CFB)

Benguela Railway (or CFB) is a railway line in Angola. It is also the name of the company that op... More

National Museum of Archeology

The museum is an institution of a scientific nature, of research, of training of cadres, of conse... More

Church of Se Catedral de Benguela

Today it is an architectural symbol of Benguela and an important religious center. On October 13,... More

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