Lobito Lighthouse

Lobito Lighthouse
The Lobito Lighthouse, is a Angolan lighthouse located perched on the cliffs on the east side of the entrance to Lobito harbor and bay, in front of the restinga tip, north of the city of the same name, province from Benguela.

Cylindrical masonry tower, with gallery and lantern, next to a small lighthouse house.

Lighthouse painted by white with a wide red bar, As you can see in the photos, the lantern seems to be, at least since 1999, perched on a white pole with narrow red bands, a short distance from the primitive lighthouse, fed by solar energy.

The port of Lobito is the end of the famous Benguela Railway, which serves the mines of Zambia and the southwest of the Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo.


1915 - construction

1995 -the lighthouse was badly damaged due to the period of the civil war

1999 - the lighthouse no longer has a flashlight, the light being on a pole a short distance from the lighthouse primitive

2004/2007 - beautifully restored

2007 - lighthouse concessionaire, which guarantees its conservation, being used as an end of week.

Contact Information Operational:

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Access: In 4x4 about 14 km from the center of Lobito Open to the public: open site,

closed tower International Nº: D-5280;

NGA No. 25640 ARLHS

Nº: YEAR-008 [

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