Dilolo Lagoon

Dilolo Lagoon

Lago Dilolo is the largest Angolan freshwater lake, being an important tourist point and reference for the eastern region of the country.
It is located in the territory of the municipality of Luacano, in the province of Moxico, in Angola, at an average altitude of 1,098 meters above sea level. The commune-village of Lago-Dilolo is perched on the banks of the lake.
The lake is part of the water system of the Zambezi basin, being fed by the Calumbo River, providing water for the Dilolo River


In the region September is the hottest month with an average temperature of 32 ° C at noon. July is the coldest month with an average temperature of 8.1 ° C at night. There are no distinct seasons throughout the year, the temperature being relatively constant, but dropping dramatically at night, and there may be some days when low temperatures cause the lake to freeze.
In the surrounding area are Lake Cameia and the National Park of Cameia


According to the residents of this region, there is a unique history that differentiates this lake from the other lakes in the province of Moxico.
Residents say that an old woman wandered in the village of Lago-Dilolo, coming from somewhere unknown. This old lady was very tired and decided to ask the residents of that region for water, so she started to knock on the door of some houses asking for water, but no one satisfied her, tired so she decided to make one last attempt and went to ask for water in a last home before proceeding with your mysterious journey.
It was then that a girl attended to that lady and offered her the requested water, to the delight of the mysterious lady. The lady, in turn, gave her a warning and told the young woman and her family to leave that village, because at night there will be a heavy rain that will flood the entire region.
The girl followed the advice of the strange old woman. And after the young woman withdrew with all her family, a huge rain started to fall. Residents initially thought it was something extremely normal, but the rain did not stop falling, and began to increase its intensity and strength. Finally, it ended up leaving all residents with no chance of leaving their homes, so everyone was submerged.
The story goes that the inhabitants submerged to this day continue to live under water and you can still hear their voices from under the water.



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