Grutas de "ONDIMBA"

Grutas de "ONDIMBA"

Located in the municipality of Humpata, locality of Tchivinguiro. The word "Ondimba", means in the Nyaneka National Language a crack in a limestone mountain, open crevices with a hill at the top.

For a long time it was thought that there was a great treasure there, which seems only a treasure of hope. These stories ran more in a period of great fixation by the Portuguese. They rehearsed several researches in the region and with it the eagerness to find minerals. At the entrance of the cave, only water flows from a tranquil spring that lodges at the bottom. The vestibule of the cave known as “sala dos lagos” (Timóteo1974. Pag.54) is surprising.

In the interior we can see majestic stalactites in its vault, some with more than a meter and a half of the walls laced by the beautiful alabaster cutouts. You can also see stalagmites that are stuck to the floor as if they were hycitic figures from an abandoned temple. You can still see small lakes in a silent and transparent stream, which runs through rooms and galleries with diverse and bright colors in some parts the color of old ivory, reminiscent of the statues of Chinese culture.

In fact they look like mandarins stuck in that half obscurity that the lanterns allow you to focus on. The cave is one of the natural wonders of this Province and of the Country, which sleeps peacefully, waiting for the Huilan man to give him life and enjoy his meetings.

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