Zau Evua's Cave

Zau Evua's Cave

This cave is located 68 km from M'Banza Kongo and 150 km after N'Zeto, on the road that connects these two cities.
A huge rocky outcrop unusual in this region, gives the first indication of the cave's location.
The place is properly signposted and its access is very easy…

To visit the caves, it is convenient to go to the neighboring village and talk to Soba, whose name is António Garcia, known by the “Curve, curve, no! Right line! ”.
Having established contact, we met a friendly and affable person who dressed up to accompany us on this visit.
Along the way, he explained that Zau Evua, in the local language, Kikongo, that is to say Nine Elephants, added that these caves are one of the seven wonders of Angola, that he has appeared in several books and films, and other stories ...
Before we could visit the caves, Soba informed that he should inform about the visit to the commander of the Police Instruction School located right there near the entrance to the caves.
After the formalities, there we were accompanied by Soba and some other agents from the said school.
“Protocolically” speaking, this visit could not be more complete.
Before entering Soba prayed that our visit would proceed safely and, of course, asked for a contribution…
The cave has a large room right at the entrance and both the entrance and the circulation, not inside, is carried out without major risks, requiring appropriate footwear and a flashlight for lighting.
Once inside, we can see several formations of stalactites and stalagmites, small drawings on the walls, a small lake, where Soba drank and insisted that we also drink from that fresh, crystalline water ...
The drawings we saw, according to Soba, were made by inhabitants of the region who hid there to escape the slave traders.
Another interesting aspect of this cave is the green color that covers part of the interior walls.

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