Cassengo Falls

Quedas Lunda Sul - Lauro De Campos (@KumbawaSound)
Quedas Lunda Sul - Lauro De Campos (@KumbawaSound)

The falls are a meeting point for peasants, fishermen and hunters and, on weekends, young people enjoy the place. "Many still continue with the cautions of the past, as they believe that the trip to Cassengo, due to the presence of the rainbow, considered" the killer of bathers ", should be taken care of", refer the residents of the neighborhood. People heard by the Jornnal de Angola say that the falls of Cassengo, located seven kilometers from the National Road 180 and 90 kilometers from the city of Saurimo, have crystal clear water, which falls from a height of 30 meters over a lake with rough waters. The name Cassengo was that of a hunter, who died after a slip in the falls while trying to peek from the top of it, hence the phrase in cokwe «Ha ku nonoka keva woma ny txixete, wa holokela mu Meia», "Fear and dizziness" dictated the fatal fall to the precipice, ”according to residents heard by our report.



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