Source of the Cubango River (Okavango)

Source of the Cubango River (Okavango)

Source of the Cubango River (Okavango)

The Cubango River rises near Chicala-Tchiloango (Vila Nova) on the Huambo plateau and has a 975 km course.
The Cubango runs south until reaching Kuvango (Ganguelas, Vila Artur de Paiva) northeast of Huíla where it receives the Cutato river as a tributary, and where it begins to inflect towards the East until reaching the southern border with Namibia, from where it starts to serve border to Mucusso, in the Lands of the End of the World.
Part of the waters of the Cubango River are lost in swamps in Botswana. The Cubango basin in Angola is about 154,420 km². The Cubango River is important for the history of the Khoisan and Ambó peoples.
The territory in Angola provides 94.5% of the total catchment flow; Namibia provides 2.9% and Botswana 2.6%.
The Cubango - Okavango River represents one of the largest virgin aquatic ecosystems on the African continent, and on the surface of the earth.




Huambo surrounding area


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