Sendje Catholic Mission - Cuchi

Sendje Catholic Mission - Cuchi

In 1953, as a result of the development of the Portuguese Province, the Congregation accepted the challenge of launching its missions in Angola. From Porto to Cuchi, six missionaries were sent that year, who started there to establish missions.
In a few years, the missionary zeal of those men had already spread the Redemptorist charism throughout Angola, and new missionaries were sent every year to accompany them.

On September 8, 2017 to the Jornal de Angola, Father António Dumba, said:

Father António Dumba stressed that in the near future the rehabilitation of the Catholic missions of Capico (Caiundo), Sendje (Cuchi), Chamavera (Dirico) is planned and that of Cuangar, which were destroyed during the armed conflict. The rehabilitation of Catholic missions will be under the responsibility of the Provincial Government of Cuando Cubango, taking into account that they were destroyed during the war that devastated the country, which is why the Catholic Church looks forward to the recovery of all its infrastructure. religious structures.

Catholic missions, especially the one in Sendje, recalled Father António Dumba, made a great contribution to the training of many cadres who are now leaders in the province of Cuando Cubango and in other regions of the country, as well as contributing to medical and medication assistance. the population.

Catholic missions have always been a place of formation for the dignity of the human person. For this reason, these religious infrastructures cannot be seen only as places of faith, but also for the training of qualified staff and health care. There is a need for the Angolan Executive and in particular the Provincial Government of Cuando Cubango to look at the rehabilitation of Catholic missions as a fundamental element that can help in the restoration of cultural, civic and moral values, considering that they have always been appropriate places for formation and guidance on how a person should behave in society. The recovery of these religious infrastructures can also be an asset for increasing the offer of tourist places in the province and, consequently, contribute to the collection of more revenues for the State coffers.

It is necessary that the Provincial Government of Cuando Cubango, within the framework of its public investment program (PIP), also prioritize the rehabilitation and construction of religious infrastructures in all municipalities.




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