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Regional Natural Park of Namibe

Regional Natural Park of Namibe

Origin - Established as a Partial Reserve for a limited period until 12/31/1959, by the Legislative Diploma of 6/12/1957.
Classification - Partial Reserve, IV, since 1960.
Location- In the extreme south of the country, close to the coastal city of Namibe.
Area - Occupies 4,450 km². Lost 290 km² to the city of Namibe (former Mozambique) on 23-07-1973.
Geographic Limits - 15 09 'to 19 57' South Latitude and 20 24 'to 21 30' East Longitude.
Natural Limits - Limited to the North by the Bero and Cubal rivers to Muol, to the East by the Atchinque and Curoca rivers. To the west by the coast line between Foz do Rio Bero and Foz do Rio Curoca.
Description - It occupies a desert area with large sand dunes, which ends in mountainous escarpments. The average annual temperature is 20.6 ° C but the low rainfall only allows plants adapted to the desert, such as welvitschia mirabilis, to survive.
Although the environment is not conducive to fauna maintenance, elephants, olongos (Strepsiceros strepsiceros - kudu), black rhinos and mountain zebras are observed.
Visitors - Receives visitors since 2002.

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