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Fortress of São Fernandes Of Namibe

Fortress of São Fernandes Of Namibe

The Fortaleza de São Fernandes, located in the province of Namibe, is an almost mandatory point for those who are ready, in a mere tourist adventure or scientific study, to know the history of ancient Moçâmedes.

Also known as Fortaleza do Namibe, it is located on the top of the Ponta Negra hill, dominating the port area of the city, municipality and province of Namibe.

The Fortaleza de São Fernandes, one of the options for tourists who come to Namibe attending the Roller Hockey World Cup, stopped performing for years with the same format, the same function and the same protagonists of the Century Today, it has become a cultural heritage and is still evidence of how Portuguese browsers contained the invasions was kepthas already undergone restoration work, but maintains the traces of thepast, showing each visitor how, for example,rebel slaves. 

This fortress was built by the Portuguese. It was thefirst unit used to contain Dutch invasions and after thenational independence passed to the Angolan Navy.

Despitebeing a structure under military supervision, the fortress or Naval Base hassocial services, such as a medical post, for primary health services Cheers.

structure has a military command, where the commander worksof the Naval Base of Namibe, in addition to the old barracks where today the BNN troops.

The barracks are fullyAccording to history, they used to serve other purposes.

At the time of construction of this monument, trafficking inslaves.

There are some warehouses that were used for this traffic.

São Fernando has some historical and curious reports for those whointerested in the history of Africa. According to reports, this is where it took place,on November 1, 1849, the first mass celebrated in the lands of Moçâmedes.

District Office of the Public Security Police took care of it until the date ofachievement of National Independence in 1975.In 1980, by decision of the Commando ofNavy, the Navy Advanced Command Post was installed there.

People's War of Angola, giving rise to the emergence of the Maneuver Base,headed by against Admiral Manuel Mingas Martins da Silva, with patent of From 1984 to 1989, the commander of the Base of Maneuvers was the Captain of Sea-and-War Pedro Ventura da Silva (Mar Azul), at the time with the patent oflieutenant.

From 1989 to 1991, the commander was Vice Admiral Joaquim AlmeidaBamby, with the rank of ship lieutenant. In 1991, it was transformed into Base Naval, in the scope of the transition from the FAPLA to the FAA and in 2001 it became known

No. 4, commanded by Vice Admiral Jorge Correia da Silva, at the timewith the rank of Captain of Mar- and War. From 2001 to 2008, the Zone CommanderMaritime

No. 4 was Vice Admiral Alberto António. From 2008 to September 2011,the commander of the Naval Base was the commander Arsenio dos Santos.

Currently, thecommander is the Sea-and-War captain David do Nascimento Francisco.

one of the places to include in the special tourist itinerary for visitorsbrought within the scope of the Roller Hockey World Championship.

These are no longerwill be able to show the slaves, but they will undoubtedly carry an almost faithful to what was Fortaleza in the time of Portuguese colonization.

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