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Serra Mocoti

Serra Mocoti

To the northwest of Cuvango and north of Dongo, the Serra do Mocoti rises to 1,920 meters above sea level at its highest peak and between 300 and 500 meters above the adjacent landscape.

Waterfalls, narrow forests and canyons lined with palm trees extended from the plateaus downwards, most of which are covered by open forests and pastures. Much of the surrounding lowland landscape is apparently ancient. Here, large expanses of dense miombo woodland cover the rolling hills.
Open grassland pastures are scattered here and there, while wet pastures flank small streams meandering downstream. Serra do Mocoti is not only remarkable for its beauty but also for remaining almost untouched by deforestation for agriculture that degrades much of the eastern landscape of Huíla. This is the case with the mountain and the 20 to 30 kilometers of lowlands to the south. Little seems to be known about the plant and animal life in the area, and Mocoti and its surrounding forests are likely to be a sanctuary for
many rare species, perhaps even endemic organisms that do not appear anywhere else.
Source: Book Southwest Angola / South West Angola by John & Stephie Mendelsohn

Source:Livro Sudoeste de Angola / South West Angola de John & Stephie Mendelsohn

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