Serra da Leba

Serra da Leba

Serra da Leba separates the provinces of Huíla and Namíbe, presenting itself to those who look from above as a gigantic lapinha, with the zigzagged road drawn in a velvety of the hillside. It has about 20 km attenuated by slopes of very low averages, and it takes more than 30 minutes to overcome the 1000 m difference between the Nthandavala (Tundavala) ridges.
The beautiful landscape that Leba offers is splendid and breathtaking, where we can see a waterfall, where a permanent river that rises in the Municipality of Humpata falls into other small falls.
After descending or ascending the hill on the Leba road, you arrive at the house with your eyes full of the wonders of creation, which is a combination of nature and human work with the promise of one day to return.

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