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Senhora do Monte

Senhora do Monte

It corresponds to the largest green area in the city of Lubango, which as a tourist complex includes a 200-meter-long swimming pool, playgrounds, two sports pavilions, a go-kart track and, as the main point of reference, the Esplanada- Chapel and the Oratory of Senhora do Mount.

The attractiveness of the place is verified by the location in its surroundings of some of the main hotel units in the city of Lubango.

The chapel of Senhora do Monte dates from 1919 and was restored in 1960 under the guidance of the architect José Frederico Ludovice when the Esplanada-Capela project in Senhora do Monte was dated in 1962.

The Esplanada-Capela in Senhora do Monte was built to meet the need to welcome an increasing number of faithful who traveled on pilgrimage to the chapel.

The projected solution it consists of a large enclosure, carved into the hillside, whose altar and stone benches are open-air, with a 21-meter canopy at the bottom, a 17.6m reinforced concrete needle and a statue with 2.5m in height and about 750 kilos. The strings surrounding the sculpture are in the form of a harp, which can symbolize the path to God and his ups and downs. The entire work was built using less noble materials, namely fiber cement tubes and the cross in galvanized tube.

The fish symbolizes the Eucharist, appearing in the center on a pillar with a triangular base, it is in wrought iron as a central figure between Our Lady and the Cross.

But the symbology doesn't end here. The image of Maria da Esplanada-Capela is on the same scale, as in overlap, with the same image of Maria from the South Portico of Santa Maria de Belém at the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon, Portugal.

Equipped with excellent accessibility and equipment, it is necessary to stimulate the daily use of the space and the organization of events that allow greater dissemination.

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