Nascimento Ngula
Nascimento Ngula

The zero coordinate of Lubango is known as “Barracões”. In 1885 the first Portuguese arrived here who founded the colony Sá da Bandeira. A visit to the city's beginnings.

The highlands of Chela were known since 1630. The climate and agricultural potential immediately attracted Portuguese attention. Agricultural colonies such as Alba Nova (1769) and Humpata (1882) began to dot the region. With the idea of founding a new agricultural and cattle ranch area, on January 19, 1885, the first settlers arrived in the lands of present-day Lubango. There were 222 Portuguese from Madeira. On the shores of Caculuvar, three kilometers from the center of the current capital of the province, they erected two huge structures of pau-a-pique and grass roof (one for men and one for women) where they were temporarily housed. These “shacks” gave the place its name.

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