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Kandumbo Stones

photo: Nelson Silvestre
photo: Nelson Silvestre

The natural monument of the Kandumbo stones, with cracks, caves and a cavern with about 300 meters of length where the skulls of the three of the most dignified sovereigns of the Kandumbo ombala, Santos, Nondolko and Ndala Kandumbo, are buried, constitutes a sacred place (Akokoto) and a historic site, given the important role assumed during the incursions of the Portuguese during the colonial occupation, the role was recently the target of intervention with the rehabilitation of the access road and the cobbled area.
The Kandumbo stones, located in the municipality of Tchikala-Tcholohanga, commune of Boas Águas.
25 km from Huambo, towards Bié, a monstrous granitic mass rises, which was the scene of the titanic struggles of Soba N'Dala, against Portuguese colonists; this mass is the superb natural strong of the Kandumbo Stones.
The Huambos, previously beaten at Embala do Huambo, near Soque, and then at Pedras da ganda and Kané, near Kaála, deposited in this natural fort and the great chief N'Dala - viper - and his Kalley war commanders, Kassango, Tchipulowando and Tchinlundulo, all their last hopes.
It was 1902, and white colonists, aided by a Boer force, surrounded the Kandumbo Fort; the battle lasted three days and four nights, with uninterrupted gunfire, at the end of which, on September 20, 1902, Captain Teixeira Moutinho, of the colonial army, ordered the last shots of two seventy millimeter cannons, against the people.
The Portuguese Army, aided by the Boers, the cannons and the betrayal of a Soba, who showed the besieger how to penetrate the Natural Fort, won the battle of Kandumbo.
N'Dala lay dead near the outer stockade.
N'Dala had successors: Nondolo, Kachikwala, Xilundulo, Sambuanda and Samokoloco.
The skulls of N'Dala and successors, with the exception of Sambuanda and Samokoloco, rested in a triangular reliquary, which is called Kalunda.
The N'Dala and Tchimbanda Samakaka huts were rebuilt, with the small temple, Etambo, as well as some huts of warriors and their women.




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