Buffalo Partial Reserve

Buffalo Partial Reserve
It was established as a Partial Reserve in 1974. Located about 30 km from Benguela, it occupies an area of 400 km². Description: With an altitude that goes from 380 to 1,210 meters, it presents a very irregular topography, with rocky outcrops.

There are four rivers that cross the reserve: Catumbela, Cavaco, Bungue and Caimbambo. The main types of vegetation are the open forest, the savanna with some trees and shrubs, and the steppe with scarce grass and small shrubs.

The black buffalo is the most abundant mammal. Other mammals that can be found: baboon, cudu, golungo, hippopotamus, warthog, sable antelope, bambi (Sylvicapra grimmia), still wild dog, jackal, hyena and lion. Below, Angola stamp obliterated in Benguela 03/28/1985 showing the olongo - as the great cudu in those lands is called.



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