S. Pedro Fort

S. Pedro Fort
The São Pedro de Catumbela Redoubt, also known as Catumbela Fort, is located in Vila da Catumbela, in the Benguela province, in Angola. The first stone for its construction was laid on the 5th of October 1846. It was classified as a Public Monument by official decree No. 8579 of 17 June 1954.


It was built on top of a hill, in a dominant position on the left (south) bank of the Catumbela River, by Portuguese forces in the context of the repression of the Catumbela and Dondo Grande revolts (1846-1848). 

The epigraphic inscription above its gate reads:

"REDUCTO DE S. PEDRO / It was done at the expense of the inhabitants of Benguela, honor to the worthy Municipal Chamber, the continuous insults made to whites by the indigenous people of this district, will originate the construction of this reducto. garrisons of brigands Mondego, Tamega and corvette Relâmpago, commanded by Chief FA Glz. Cardoso, will submit them by order of the Governor General, Mr. Pedro Alexandrino da Cunha, FX Lopes Major do Ext., traced and built the 1st stone 5 October 1846."

The inscription refers to the then Governor of the Province of Angola, Pedro Alexandrino da Cunha (1845-1848), as well as the military engineer, then major (later general) Francisco Xavier [Craveiro] Lopes.

He was classified as a Public Monument by official decree n 8,579, of June 17, 1954.

In the 1960s, a modest historical museum operated on its premises. It is currently in a poor state of repair. FeaturesExample of military architecture. the rectangular plant. with the service facilities inside.

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