Baía Farta

Baía Farta

Baía Farta is a city and municipality in the Benguela province of Angola.

It has 6 744 km² and about 110 thousand inhabitants.

It limits to the North with the municipality of Benguela, to the East with the municipalities of Caimbambo and Chongoroi, to the South with the municipalities of Camacuio and Namibe and to the West with the Atlantic Ocean.

It is an important fishing center.

The tip of Baía Farta is a trampling of fish that slide in the cold waters of the Benguela current. Renowned beach, the fishing center of province is a mix of new projects and ruins of what was once.

The small Baía Farta has strong fisherman's hands. The networks scattered across the sand are the perfect symbol of this land of abundant sea, fame that never faded over time. There is no way not to go to Baía Farta in a visit to Benguela.

The place is picturesque and with deep marks of the old fisheries and fish processing industries - many of which are deactivated, others in operation and some on the way to revive. The beach that surrounds the bay is a place of work for hundreds of families.

A walk on the beach is a parade of artisanal fishing boats with creative names and colors. And even from typical boats built with intertwined branches, still used today.

Baía Farta started to develop from 1910, when two brothers from the Azores discovered the potential of this sea. In the 50 years, the few fishing nets gave way to a huge and structured. Little by little, Baía Farta grew and became one of the main fishing centers in southern Angola. On December 13, 1965 the then administrative post belonging to Benguela became a municipality. Rich and rich as its waters. From those times comes the city map, not always preserved how it should be.

A stroll through the streets that invariably leads to the sea is a encounter with colonial buildings, such as the Church or the old Cinema.

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