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Best Cacimbo Destinations in Angola

Cacimbo is the name given only in Angola to the "dry" season (without rain) that runs from May to August. It is called the dry season in contrast to the rainy season, from September to April, but in fact, it is quite humid. During this period, an intense mist, also called cacimba, often occurs, which gives the season its name.

And with Cacimbo arriving, many people want to take trips to enjoy the coldest season of the year. Due to the climatic conditions, traveling during Cacimbo can be a bit different, so many people wonder how to choose accommodation during this time of year. Since it is a time of low demand, some hotel units offer various promotions, making it a great idea to take trips with family, friends, or even romantic getaways to stay cozy with the one you love.
When we think of destinations in this season, the central and southern interior regions of our country immediately come to mind. Cities such as Bié, Huambo, and Huíla are great for enjoying the cold without leaving nature aside.
After defining your destination, you will better understand which type of accommodation best fits your needs. This will influence not only the price but your entire trip. From there, understand what your needs are and choose the services that best fit them – for example, transfer, bar, restaurant, tours, full board, or just breakfast. Therefore, it is essential to visit the website and check the services offered.
Among the various activities that you can do during this time, we suggest staying in cozy hotels, walking or jogging, cycling, hiking, making bonfires, drinking wine, eating fondue, reading a book, or watching movies and series.

We suggest some hotels in the coldest cities of Angola:

Carpe Diem Resort Tropical - Carpe Diem is much more than a resort on the paradisiacal beach of Cabo Ledo. It is an alternative holiday concept that perfectly combines surf and nature. The 19 bungalows are designed to provide moments of absolute tranquility and privacy, in fusion with Nature. At Carpe Diem, you will find captivating rooms, decorated with utmost comfort, so you can experience a total communion with the natural surroundings.

CV Lodge & Spa  Situated amongst mountains on 120 hectares of which 100 are reserved for our safari, the CV LODGE & SPA is Benguela's most impressive luxury lodge, with elegant accommodations, a restaurant, snack bar, and a luxurious spa. Let us help you plan your stay at CV LODGE. The CV Lodge offers 42 bungalows: 24 Double, 10 Twins, Three two-bedroom bungalows, 2 three-bedroom bungalows, 2 handicapped-accessible, and 1 Executive Suite.

Hotel Ekuikui I - is a hotel of excellence, located in the city center of Huambo, 200 meters from the Provincial Government Headquarters. With a 4-star rating, we offer a wide range of high-quality services, from accommodation to catering, social and festive events. Hotel Ekuikui I stands out for its superiority and exception, where the high level of quality of our services and exclusivity is guaranteed. Comprising 68 superior rooms, 2 luxury suites, 2 restaurants, 1 bar, a conference room with high technology for conferences and video conferences, wireless connection, outdoor pool, pool bar, laundry, babysitting, transfers, private parking, and rent-a-car.

Pousada Quedas Duque de Bragança - Built in the 1950s, in a privileged location overlooking the Kalandula Falls, Pousada Duque de Bragança was originally named after the Quedas Duque de Bragança. The Pousada is located in front of the Falls, 400 meters away. You can enjoy excellent views, both from the Pousada building and from the three observation points we have in our space.

Lodge Kapembawé - Set within the AMAC Environmental Park, Lodge Kapembawé offers services in the leisure and entertainment areas. With safaris for observing animals such as fan goats, Capotas, giraffes, alligators, and much more.

Pululukwa Resort - This luxurious resort, designed with the utmost attention to detail, is an ambitious project spread over several hectares, intertwined with a river and dotted with various lakes, in perfect harmony with nature and animal life, such as zebras, lynxes, fan goats, and more.

Vihua Lodge - Located in Tunda dos Gambos, it offers daily and included in the room price, 2 tours in its own vehicle for visiting animals such as giraffes, zebras, bush cows, wildebeest, gazelles, impalas, ostriches, oryx, red palanca, gungas, olongos, freely inhabiting a 5,000-ha area within Bicuar Park.

Hotel Kandamba - is a 3-star hotel, located in the city of Luena, Moxico Province, Synai Novo Neighborhood, 5 minutes from the Provincial airport.
It offers personalized service with an outdoor swimming pool, terrace, restaurant with buffet, breakfast, and a variety of local dishes and Portuguese cuisine daily!
Our rooms and suites have satellite TV, air conditioning, and a desk. We also have a bar, sauna, Turkish baths, gym, hair salon, conference room, SPA, Wi-Fi internet, and airport-hotel and vice versa transportation.

Rio Cuebe- Located on a property with more than 900 hectares, Rio Cuebe Lodge offers breathtaking natural landscapes where you can experience the excitement of a SAFARI and see animals such as fan goats, Gulungos...

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